The Brontë Sisters

Have you ever cried when reading a biography? I have – while reading “Siostry Brontë” (the Brontë Sisters) by Ewa Kraskowska, published in 2006. The book portrays the extraordinary life of the Brontë family – so sad and gloomy, marked by the early deaths of almost all members of the family on the one hand, and on the other – the story of the Victorian Age female writers: Emily, Charlotte and Anne. I wanted to write “successful writers” but I am not quite sure if the word is appropriate, bearing the context in mind… Instead, I will just write “incredibly talented”. A blog post about the book is HERE and you can read about the family HERE and HERE.

The book “Wuthering Heights” is probably the best known to us nowadays. It was written by Emily and first published in 1847. What is it about? On the back of the book you can read: “When Ms Earnshaw adopts Heathcliff and brings him to Wuthering Heights, he doesn’t foresee that unbreakable bond that develops between the foundling and his daughter, Cathy – a relationship which will lead to a passionate and all-consuming love affair. Although it seems their devotion has no bounds, fate has other plans for the pair… plans which will lead Heathcliff to wreak terrible vengeance on Wuthering Heights” (Oxford Children’s Classics, 2013).

Today there are a few films based on this novel, for example, the 1992 film with Juliette Binoche – see HERE – and the 2011 film, which might be rather difficult to watch for some, evoking intensive emotions. You can watch the trailer and decide if you want to see it:

What makes the book and the films stand out? Above all, the romantic setting (the Yorkshire moors and two old mansions), powerful feelings of passion, love and hate, and the mood – created by “the demonic figure of Heathcliff, and the slightly supernatural bond between him and Catherine” (Zgorzelski, 1994, p. 109).

There is something supernatural here, indeed. I think that Kate Bush managed to show this well in her song “Wuthering Heights”. Her performance really appeals to me and I can certainly picture Cathy in Heathcliff’s window… Listen to the song and follow the lyrics HERE.


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